You like odd machines don't you? A new Piet owner

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You like odd machines don't you? A new Piet owner

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The story of a new Pietenpol owner.
Hello Group.. My name is Kenneth Winter in Eastern TN.

My Piete story goes like this:

The conversation started with " Hey you like unusual machines, don't you?"

Me...I explained that I do have a proclivity to work on usual contraptions.
AND currently my hanger, garage and carport are FULL with pending projects..

Seller.. I understand.. But I am only 30 miles away. Dad bought this odd little plane 10 years ago and his passing has us seeking a new home for the plane.... He built a garage in this back yard for it.. It was his last tinkering project.. He never flew it.. But he would sneak out and taxi just the fuselage down the street in his subdivision for the kids to watch...

Me.. as it was close I would never miss the opportunity to check out a cool machine like a home built plane..
I discovered a nice GN-1 built in 2000 with 2.5 hours on the Tach..
The story goes that the builder in Conn became ill as the A&p flew the 2.5 hours after inspection.
Status.. Fly off the initial 25 hours as a new build. N # is assigned.
Health issues forced the builder to sale the plane. So.

10 years ago the second owner disassembled the plane and brought it to TN.. It never flew again.
The build quality was good and the plane is very solid.

We had a great day hanger/garage flying..

We all parted with big grins from the thought of an 80 year old gentleman taxiing a wingless airplane through the neighborhood with kid following on their bikes. Oh my.!!!

Weeks later the owners son contacted me and asked if I was still interested in the plane..


Well you know how that goes!!!

The plane, two other engines and a truck load of parts are now in MY hanger... :o)

I am looking forward to learning about this group and this diminutive aircraft..

Are there Pietenpol Owners near Knoxville TN? I would love to meet an owner and have an experience eye look at what I have bought...

Kenneth Winter
Tazewell TN
Pietenpol N2042J
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Re: You like odd machines don't you? A new Piet owner

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Kenneth; you shouldn't have much trouble finding a Piet builder/owner/pilot in Tennessee who is willing to look over your project to see what you've got there.

Welcome to the group!
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Re: You like odd machines don't you? A new Piet owner

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Give me a shout. I live just south of Chattanooga. Mike danford, 423 320 8787.
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