Fuselage Cross Members

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Fuselage Cross Members

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I started the project in Jan and just finished rib # 12. I've been looking ahead at the fuselage-the long wooden version. I don't see a drawing that shows where the cross members go. Looking at the original fuselage drawing it appears they go under the vertical members. This would move the landing gear fittings so I need some clarification. Is moving the gear back approx. 16"(improved gear that came with the plans) acceptable? I'm planning on a C85 or stripped down O200. Thanks and hope to put names to faces at Brodhead this year.

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Re: Fuselage Cross Members

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Are you talking about the ash cross members for the landing gear?
The lower drawing of the long fuselage shows the position of the landing gear/wing fittings.
Compare their location to the upper drawing and you can see where the ash cross members need to go.
Front one should be centered at the first lower
junction of diagonal members (12” back from firewall) and the rear one should me at the next junction back (40 3/4” back from firewall)

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