Pietenpol Plans and Kits

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Pietenpol Plans and Kits

Post by rskagerberg »

Hi There
I would like to know what is the best kit/Plans to get for building a Air Camper? Maybe even a clue to how to get started. I have wanted to build one for years and I finally have the time.
Thank you.

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Re: Pietenpol Plans and Kits

Post by EAB4 »

this is a good place to get started-
THE place to order plans and lots of info on the site
https://www.pietenpolaircraftcompany.co ... craft-kits

Aircraft Spruce sells component kits

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Re: Pietenpol Plans and Kits

Post by Lownslow »

Hi Rich and welcome to the Pietenpol group.
First get your set of plans and the link to the Pietenpol family website is where to go.

Secondly, if it were me I would start building ribs. You will need to build a rib jig first, then order your spruce, glue and plywood for the gussets. There is lots of information online on how to go about starting. The older Matronics website is a good resource to join and use. Also order a set of the Tony Bingelis sport aviation building books from the EAA. They are a valuable resource.

Building the ribs first is a good introduction into homebuilding. You can get started without too much investment in money. It also is an easy way to understand how to find and utilize the online resources that are available to you. Almost every conceivable question about how to build a Pietenpol has already been asked and answered on the Matronics website.

Rick S

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Re: Pietenpol Plans and Kits

Post by Pat Weeden »

Regarding Rick's comment on the old Matronics site, that archive is preserved on this site as well here:

Pat Weeden, Site Admin
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