Control Surface Rigging

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Control Surface Rigging

Post by Gflyer »

I have had the opportunity of purchasing a Pietenpol AIr Camper and have recently completed a 700nm trip in 2 days with the aircraft.

I now have my to-do list building:-

Check control surface deflections and Flying cables/ Strut cable tension

Can anyone assist with the recommended defections for the controls especially ailerons.

Also what is the recommended tension for all the cables especially the ones on the tail ?

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Terry Hand
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Re: Control Surface Rigging

Post by Terry Hand »

Here is a link to some reference material that may be helpful - ... CAMPER.pdf
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Re: Control Surface Rigging

Post by E.Woodson »

I find it interesting that the LAA refers the Bingelis books as references for their inspectors, there's some comfort in that.
"Refer to Bingelis’s books ‘Firewall Forward’, ‘The Sportplane Builder’ and
‘Sportplane Construction Techniques’ for examples of standard aviation practises.
If in doubt, consult LAA Engineering for advice.

Once again, excellent job spreading the resources to the noobs like me.
Thanks Terry
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