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Adjustable seat

Post by gary »

Hello folks!

So I have been reviewing the plans for the Air Camper fuselage and a thought came to mind; has anyone ever installed adjustable seats in the AC? It would have to be on rails mounted to the base of the seat and then a new seat thrown on top but just not too sure where to start...

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Terry Hand
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Re: Adjustable seat

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Do you plan on letting people fly your airplane a fair amount so that is why you need adjustability? If it is for you because of leg length you may be better of making a seat that fits you. The airplane is already tail heavy so adding a mechanism may add weight where you don’t want or need it.

Just my $.02
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Re: Adjustable seat

Post by Lorenzo »

I did. I made a wood frame and attached a snowshoe weave with paracord. Steel pins in the seat frame allow several adjustment positions. Not much, but a little bit of recline. The frame is loose in the airplane - I will depend on seat belt system to keep me tied down. I took out some of the solid seat bottom. Even so, I have added some weight. I intend to cut out a bit of the solid back also to make access to the area behind seat for inspection.

Lawrence Harris, Tellico Plains, TN

Brian Amato
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Re: Adjustable seat

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I love that snow shoe weave. Light and looks "old timey"

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