Full size rib plans

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Full size rib plans

Post by Isp3898 »

I have been reading in various posts that the full size rib plans sold by the Pietenpol family are not accurate. What is wrong with them? I am getting ready to purchase my plans and don't want to waste money on something that shouldn't be used.

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Re: Full size rib plans

Post by EAB4 »

Whoever said that is making a general statement- they CAN be inaccurate, but they are not ALL inaccurate. Mine was fine and I know other builders that have used the full-size plane successfully.
The copying and printing of the file can cause inaccuracies but, as I said, they are not all off.
The main thing to look at is the spacing between the spars- if the plan actually measures the 27 3/4" called out, the plan will be fine.
You can also lay out the rib yourself- the ordinates are given in the plans as well.

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Terry Hand
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Re: Full size rib plans

Post by Terry Hand »

Earl is right about the plans, but let me make a suggestion in general terms as it sounds like you are just starting your project. Assume that there are errors in everything (there aren't). But what it forces you to do is to verify everything, and by doing so you learn the plans better as well as the construction process. You need to understand that Mr. Hoopman was just a teenager when he drew these plans, so you are looking at a teenager's work. There will be something that does not make sense or quite add up. It is simply part of the journey.

If that is not a journey that you will enjoy, then there may be other planes that are better suited to your tastes.
Semper Fi,

Terry Hand
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