attaching post hinge?

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attaching post hinge?

Post by JimBob »

Bottom rudder hinge that attaches to the post. The countersink hole in the hinge is 100degree. Using/finding stainless mach bolts for all the other hinges has not ben a problem but since I cannot get to the backside of this one hinge, how are you'all attaching? Have not been able to source a stainless "wood" screw that is long enough AND has the 100degree head.

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Re: attaching post hinge?

Post by taildrags »

JimBob; my guess is that it wouldn't hurt anything if you just give the countersinks on that one hinge half a light touch with a standard countersink to bring the 100 degree to 90 degrees and use the hardware that is readily available. It shouldn't put the screw heads in very deep past flush if you go easy.

-Oscar Zuniga
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Re: attaching post hinge?

Post by PoconoJohn »

I'm going to be at this point soon. I was planing to use AN42B eyebolt and just drill through the tail post. Should I anticipate a problem with that?

John C

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Re: attaching post hinge?

Post by Earl Brown »

I am using the 100 degree cad plated screws ( I think they still have an NAS number)
I put an access panel in the tail of the fuselage, so I can get to the nuts on the backside of the tailpost,
as well as the fasteners for the vertical and horizontal stabilizers.

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