Continental Con Rod Bolts

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tom kreiner
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Continental Con Rod Bolts

Post by tom kreiner » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:05 pm

As in the last several years, we are bringing Continental Con Rod Bolts to Brodhead again this year. The bolts are TCM P/N 530213; they are NOS in ten packs, but we'll split them into 8, 12, etc., sets for 4 or 6 cylinder engines. These bolts fit EVERY Small Continental, from A series, to C series, O-200 & 300, and IO-240 & 360 engines.

Since the bolts have been superceded by TCM to a new P/N 655959, which sell for around $39 each, they are no longer available from either ACS or ASS.

Our stock is probably the last available anywhere, and we only have 12 or so sets left to sell.

So, if you're engine has run several thousand hours, and the bolts have been "exercised" over 200 million times, maybe they should be included in that next overhaul... After all, the number of stress cycles the bolts see will approach what we call the Fatique Limit of the material.

We currently have them on eBay for $22.50 each, but will sell to BPA members (ONLY Piet group, please) for only $20.00 each.

Email me to reserve sets at tkreiner(at) We plan to bring these to Brodhead, but we can ship if you prefer.

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Continental Con Rod Bolts

Post by MaqFen » Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:26 pm

Does anyone know where I can buy two new Con Rod Bolts?
Honda part 13204-689-004 I think it supersedes 13204-PA6-004
I have a badly bent number 1 rod and damaged bolts, HydroLock Victim

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