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PolyFiber Pietenpol Covering Kit For Sale

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:03 pm
by JCB
I bought an uncompleted Pietenpol project and received these Poly Fiber covering materials in unopened packaging. 6' wide roll of fabric, 6 Gallons 8500 Retarder, 7 Gallons PolyTone Finish (120 Datona White tinted to light tan), 8 Gallons PolySpray, 7 Gallons PolyBrush, 2 Quarts Fabric Cement, and Poly Fiber System Manual. Originally delivered in June 2016. I have already started covering with another system so I will not use these materials. About $3000 of stuff offered at $1200. Located at Anacortes, WA.