Engine value question

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Engine value question

Post by jwvair65 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:49 pm

Hi All,
I'm new to the forum. I bought Piet plans a few years ago. I'm ready to get started on it now, but have come across a partially complete project, including a Model A engine that's been completed and is ready to install, with aluminum head, radiator and prop. I'm planning to use a Continental 65 I already have for my own project, so I don't need the Model A engine. I'd like to find out the resale value of the Model A, and if there's a market for it. The workmanship on the plane and engine is very nice, which is the only reason I'm considering it in the first place. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. - John

Brian Amato
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Re: Engine value question

Post by Brian Amato » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:45 am

What shape is the Model A engine in? Was it just recently rebuilt? How long has it been sitting without running?
I'd pull the pan and get a look at the Babbitt job and see if there are any pieces of Babbitt floating around in there. No joke. We find it all the time. Guys that don't know how to do a Babbitt bearing job. Pull the head and look at each cylinder. Cracks in any of the webs between the cylinders? Check the head for warp. How do the valves and seats look? Stuff like that. For sure there is a Model A guy in or near your town who can guide you.
Once you determine the condition of the engine, it's really what ever the market will bear. Around here, I've seen very serviceable engines that came out of a running car that have NOT been rebuilt lately, going for $450 and I've seen total rebuilts on the web for $3,500.

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