New Weight & Balance Manual To Be Available At Brodhead

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Terry Hand
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New Weight & Balance Manual To Be Available At Brodhead

Post by Terry Hand » Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:03 am

I want to pass along some very important information. I am quoting from a notice that is in this month's BPA Newsletter, with the Associations permission. I am posting it here, in case you have not yet received your newsletter, and maybe have not downloaded the online newsletter. It may be redundant, but I wanted to post it anyway -

"With the assistance of a number of people from the Pietenpol community, We now have all the original weight and balance studies compiled into a single volume. This is not just a reprint of those original articles. Those have been available for several years. In this 2019 Weight & Balance Manual, the information has been brought up to date with new articles, explanations and examples. It is 60 pages of very good data. It will be available through BPA at Brodhead, with the proceeds benefiting BPA. Both William Wynne and Ryan Mueller will be on hand at Brodhead to cover the subject and speak with builders who may have additional questions. This is a great opportunity to get your project off to the right start, or make your flying Pietenpol a better flying aircraft, while also supporting the great work of the BPA."

As was written in the Newsletter, the weight and balance articles that were in the BPA newsletter several years ago have been updated and expanded and the all new Pietenpol Weight & Balance Manual will be available at Brodhead. William Wynne has done a ton of work creating this new 64 page manual. Lots of great info for anyone building or flying a Pietenpol. The price for those of you unable to attend is $20.00 plus actual shipping costs to wherever you are. If interested, please email Pat Weeden at

One correction, though to the ad. William Wynne and Ryan Mueller will be available to answer your weight and balance questions at Brodhead, not me.
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Pat Weeden
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Re: New Weight & Balance Manual To Be Available At Brodhead

Post by Pat Weeden » Sun Jul 07, 2019 4:44 pm

The W&B Manual can be pre-ordered on the BPA website. Note that it will not ship until July 19.
Pat Weeden, Site Admin
Brodhead Pietenpol Association

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