Open Cockpit for those with Glasses

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Open Cockpit for those with Glasses

Post by Stroid »

What do you guys do about this? I wear prescription glasses and have yet to find a great option. Goggles don't seem to fit around the glasses well. I got one of these: ... SwaB5XjeXm

It works ok but still lets wind around the small visor into my eyes and of course is not a period looking item at all.

I have david clark headsets in my piet but would love to find something to shield the eyes that works well and looks good too (if possible).

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Richard Roller
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Re: Open Cockpit for those with Glasses

Post by Richard Roller »

I use these goggles. They fit over my glasses and are comfortable. I did fly without for several years with no problems, but it was an odd feeling if I stuck my head out the side into the slipstream. I worried about losing my glasses. ... 22&sr=8-12

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Re: Open Cockpit for those with Glasses

Post by auburntsts »

Not a direct answer to your question (although I'm glad you asked it) but if you have a Facebook account I noticed that the Pietenpol page over there is way more active than here or Matronics. You might get more answers and quicker over there.
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Re: Open Cockpit for those with Glasses

Post by KenBickers »

I fly with prescription bifocal goggles. I ordered mine from

The goggles come with a variety of lens colors (I prefer the clear lenses). The prescription part is a small oval piece that sits just aft of the lenses in a slot built into the goggles.

Your optometrist or ophthalmologist can give you your current numbers. You include those with your order.

Speaking of which, I should have mine updated this winter. Thanks for the reminder, Ken :)

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Terry Hand
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Re: Open Cockpit for those with Glasses

Post by Terry Hand »

These are not the most period looking of the goggle choices, but I think your glasses should fit pretty well under these tanker goggles.
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Re: Open Cockpit for those with Glasses

Post by taildrags »

I bought a pair of those military-issue tanker goggles and have worn them with glasses and a canvas flying helmet, flying my Piet. They work pretty well but like most of these, in order to get a good tight seal (they were made for wearing in dust and sand), they obstruct side view considerably. They are pretty good.

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