best gear woods

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douwe blumberg
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best gear woods

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Hi all,

question. what are some of the best woods for the "jenny" type gear V's?

and why...


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Re: best gear woods

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Disclaimer: I've never built a set of the Jenny-style wood gear legs and my airplane doesn't have them, but they use hickory for axe handles because it's stronger and more flexible than white ash. Oak might be another wood choice for strength and flexibility. Those who have actually built gear legs and flown/landed with them will have better input than me but you got me to thinking about woods for this application.

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Re: best gear woods

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When I rebuilt 2RN’s gear, I used southern yellow pine from a pallet.

I think proper fitment, like the legs being the right thickness, or shims being added so a good tight fit is achieved is more important than the species.

I fly off very rough unimproved fields so did go with the SYP for its strength, which is equal to oak. I think spruce would be fine, which it was at first, if it fit well, which it didn’t.


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