Varnish Fix

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Varnish Fix

Post by ArthurD »

I varnished my tail pieces and I'm not thrilled with how it turned out. It's fairly uneven, there are smooth areas and rough areas and a few runs. I'm using polyfiber ev-400 epoxy. I assume the fix is to wait for it to fully cure, sand it down a bit and spray instead of brush it on? Would it be acceptable to just to sand down the runs and leave the rest since it is covered? Does it need to be perfectly smooth where the fabric attaches?

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Re: Varnish Fix

Post by Clay Hammond »

First coat? If so you've raised the grain. Knock it down and coat again, I bet it will be smooth after that. Doesn't have to be sprayed necessarily...whatever you are comfortable with or prefer. You simply want to make sure all the wood is adequately sealed and that there are no spots so rough that it will chafe into the covering from underneath wherever it is not glued down.

Runs are your prerogative. The fabric covers all sins. Level of tidiness and perfection is up to the builder. For some its about the journey, others the destination. Its a spectrum...many are somewhere in the middle.

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