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New to the site. Have purchased a Pietenpol N202JN in Coolidge AZ. Don't think its flown in 10 years or so. O-200, Welded steel tube fuselage, cub type gear, Cleveland wheels and brakes, scott tailwheel. No logs so Im going to have to do a bunch of stuff to make sure its safe to fly. Which drawings would I need to have so Id have proper rigging info? Angle of incidence and how to check it etc. Rigging tensions, control travels. Just got the Weight and balance manual, lots of great info.

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Re: drawings

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Welcome to the site!

The plans can still be purchased here: https://www.pietenpolaircraftcompany.com

Wing incidence will take care of itself if the front cabane struts are an inch longer than the rear ones.
Most other rigging questions can probably be answered by doing a search on this site- I know most of the
topics have been covered here before.


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