Estimated cost to build

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Steve D
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Estimated cost to build

Post by Steve D »

Hey y'all. I have a buddy interested in building a Piet. He is VERY good with his hands. He has built multiple remote control planes and is a pilot.

My plane is a partial restoration so I don't have a clue as to building costs.

He simply wants to know how much it costs to build a Pietenpol Air Camper. I told him the engine is a huge variable. So the real question is minus the engine, about how much did it cost to build your plane? in today's dollars.

BTW I did a matronics search and gave him the info from Jack Phillips in 2007. still seems relevant, just looking for updated numbers.

Blue Skies,
Steve D
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Re: Estimated cost to build

Post by herbrose »

Good Morning!

I just finished mine and it was built for $ 15,227.31 Things you have to figure beyond that of the engine choice is how do you want to configure your plane. I have an electrical system, MGL COM Radio, three position LED anti collision lighting, LED taxi/runway lighting, twin computers for the Subaru engine, wood/fiberglass Sensenich Prop, leather interior side panels/seating, 406 ELT, and a whole host of other things not typically found on your average Piet. But for less than then the cost of a good used S10 Pickup, I built the NX709HR. The stuff I bought out of state was the biggest cost running almost 2/3 of the project - which in turn adds another cost the 6% sales tax here in PA.

A lot of the cost is going to reflective of how good you are at bumming unused parts you find in other hangars, and just what it is you want as a flying machine, and the mission you desire. My friends here thought for sure I'd have spent 80K on it, but truth be known they are a great project which still can be built on a modest budget.

Herb Rose
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Re: Estimated cost to build

Post by at7000ft »

I finished mine 3 years ago with a WW Corvair engine I also built, latex paint. Airframe - $7500, Engine/FWF - $7500.
Costs today maybe 10% higher.

RIck H
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