Purchase of training aircraft OT

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Steve D
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Purchase of training aircraft OT

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BLUF. I might have an option on getting an Aeronca 7AC Champ. What is y'alls opinion on using it as a training aircraft? Plusses and minuses, VS say the Cessna 172 or 152.
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Re: Purchase of training aircraft OT

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Seems I replied to a similar question somewhere... Anyway...

Here's my quick take. First credentials. I'm a late bloomer somewhat unorthodox CFI. I got mine using military credentials, primarily for the purpose of teaching my son to fly our Piet.

My first light civil student was my 18 yr old son, in our Piet. Since, I have had a few other early stage students, a handful of tail wheel students with all sorts of backgrounds, and a handful of bfr and refresher students. So far, I feel the best all around trainer is a Cessna 120. You can let someone go pretty far and still get control of her. I have a lot less time in decathalons, but they are just as good, although I like the side by side for more effective instruction. I have a VERY small comfort zone in a Piet, especially on pavement.

The champ is a GREAT plane for tailwheel and Piet transition training. It simply is not a great flying plane, and makes you earn your keep. The Piet is an even worse flying airplane, again making the champ a good inbetween. Before I go getting in trouble with the Piet crowd, I didn't say the Piet wasn't a great plane, it is! But let's face it, it's basically amateur 1930s technology. It is NOT great handling. It requires some skill. It's performance can just barely KILL you...

The 152/172 are better trainers for people not interested in vintage flying.

So that's the short story, who do you plan to instruct?

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Re: Purchase of training aircraft OT

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Have over 2000 hrs as CFI in 150s/172s/140s/Super Cubs/Decathalons/etc. and 107 hrs in my Piet. Saying that the Piet is a bad flying (or even bad ground handling, compared to other tail draggers) aircraft is nonsense (if properly built).

Rick H
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