Aircamper Project

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Re: Aircamper Project

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More info and pictures of this project.
I've included six photographs in this email and will send another few in a second email. The fuselage is all in one piece, the landing gear has never been attached, and 36 wing ribs are ready to be assembled into a wing. The next set of photos shows the remaining empennage pieces and one tank (fuel?). To my knowledge he never acquired an engine for this airplane although there are two engines in his barn - one is a 4-cyclinder Lycoming and I'm uncertain about the other. I'll snap a photo of that once it is uncovered a bit better, Dad was a lifelong collector of everything! There is also a collection of blueprints/plans.
Pietenpol2018 037.JPG
Pietenpol2018 029.JPG
Pietenpol2018 027.JPG
Pietenpol2018 021.JPG
Pietenpol2018 019.JPG
Pietenpol2018 007.JPG
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Re: Aircamper Project

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Hi. Where is this located? And what is the asking price? The email you quoted said there were additional pictures...are there more? Thank you!
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