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Steel Tube Fuselage Pietenpol Project FOR SALE Price Reduced

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:25 pm
by mark w
I have switched projects. So, the Piet has to go. Here are details of the project. Contact details are below. Many more photos are available upon request. I am also willing to PART OUT the project. Contact me for a list of asking prices for components. (There is still a chance of 'free' delivery/drop off north up to the Atlanta area.)

• Fuselage is constructed from domestic 4130 steel tube, and is a combination of Pietenpol and GN-1 features, i.e. GN-1 truss design, Pietenpol landing gear, etc.
• The fuselage bay sizes have been modified after visiting and conferring with the builders of the “Big Piet” group of airplanes. Modifications have been fully documented in a working print.
• All welding is completed on the fuselage. It is ready to be sandblasted and painted. All tubes have been kept coated with oil, there is no rust on any steel parts.
• Nut plates have been installed to facilitate installation of internal and external skins
• An external bell crank set up was incorporated to actuate the elevators
• Wings are not assembled
• All four spruce spars are cut to shape, marked and attach holes drilled
• All domestic aircraft spruce was used for ribs and spars
• All ribs are completed, using T88 epoxy
• Cap strips used are ¼ x ½”
• The Riblet GAU30-612 airfoil was used in construction of the ribs.
• Rib jig and rib lofting documentation included
• Routed Fir trailing edge material included
• Fir leading edge material included
• Spruce compression strut material included
• Spars drilled for included spar attach straps

Center Section
• Center section complete, less attaching included top cover skin
• 39” wide to the outboard ribs
• Intent was to mount the main fuel tank in the 12 gallon range inside center section
• Bracing for tank mounting can be removed
• Pilot entry “flop” section installed
• All steel fittings and pulleys installed
• Varnished and is in “ready to cover” condition
Tail Feathers
• All tail feathers are done, i.e. horizontal and vertical stabs, both elevators, and rudder
• Some AN hardware included for hinges
• All domestic spruce was used in construction
• Control horns are made but not fitted
• Two complete Corvair engines are included in sale
o First is a disassembled and cleaned 1964 model, ready to begin needed modifications and assembly
o Second is a 1969 model as removed from the car
o Clarks Corvair catalog
o Chevrolet Corvair Shop Manual
o William Wynne Corvair Conversion Manual
o William Wynne Corvair conversion videos (VHS, 2003)
• Complete Maule 6” tail wheel. This unit has been rebuilt and includes both a light weight and original Maule tail wheels
• Three leaf tail wheel spring
• Piper bungie shock cord struts
• NEW Matco 6” wheels and brakes
• (2) rebuilt Cessna master brake cylinders (plus one spare unit)
• Serviceable altimeter and gascolator
• Complete Grega GN-1 plans set
• Complete original Pietenpol plans set
• Bill Rewey wing lofting and documents
• $5,000 OBO for entire project. Part out component asking prices available upon request.
• Pick up, located in Lake City, Florida or buyer pays for shipping.
• Extensive photos of project are available upon request
• Contact Mark at: 386-466-0997