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For the Luddites

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:29 pm
by Steve D
The Luddite purists in the community will love the attached photos.

Yesterday during my commercial checkride, I placed my iPAD with the FOREFLIGHT flight plan in it on the floor like I have many times before. It must have slid forward. When I put the gear up, the Johnson bar came down and CRUSHED my iPAD, pinning it to the floor in the process! It not only shattered the screen, it bent the frame!

I came around and landed. There was no extracting any information from my iPAD. I spooled up my Samsung tablet with Anywhere map and spent 30 minuites trying to configure it for the planned trip. It worked but I did not have the flight plan in it and there was no way to conduct the pilotage portion of the checkride. The DPE and I decided to simply do all the landings and he gave me a continuance. I nailed the landings and only have to do the Pilotage portion and the maneuvers.

Blue Skies,
Steve D