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Pietenpol-List: Re: [c-a] Attention eTech, Arduino, PLC, Glass panel,

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:02 am
by matronics
Original Posted By: Patrick Panzera
Hello,Like allways asking for something... I build a wing tank, and I want to know ifthe lines (from the tank to de gascolator) could be of rubber. I ask becausei never saw any one of this kind, all looks like aluminium. If there is a reasonwhy not to do it with rubber I will be very gratefull if someone can explainme .By the way.. this weekend I install the firewall with a ceramic fiber insulationof 10mm.. It was a little bit gross in width, but it was the thinner I couldfind. The firewall is a galvanizad sheet of 0.48 mm. It gave me a lot of workbecause I put it with the engine in place, but after an hour of folding and unfoldingit stay in place ;o)--------Mario GiacummoPhotos here: Blog : http://vgmk1.blogspot.comRead this topic online here: ... ttachments: ... ______Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 08:07:35 -0700Subject: Pietenpol-List: Re: [c-a] Attention eTech, Arduino, PLC, Glass panel,3D printers, tablet users