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Pietenpol-List: Change of e mail address

Posted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:48 pm
by matronics
Original Posted By: Claude Corbett
Tom; have you decided about purchasing that project? If you acquire the projectand want to sell the steel tube fuselage, as they say in the upper midwest,"I'll buy it off ya" and have a friend who can pick it up.Regarding fuel capacity, Scout carries 16 gallons in the nose and has a Strombergcarb, so the geometry -not the tank capacity- determines the fuel flow andendurance. I have found, by experience, that the bottom 3 or 4 gallons are unusablein the 3-point attitude and are either "cruise reserve" for an emergencyin level flight only, or are nose ballast. My airplane has a cruise range ofabout 2 hours, maybe 2-1/2, but that's about as long as I want to sit in theairplane at a single stretch anyway and I can generally plan on finding an airportor strip within 100-120 miles of my fueling point in most areas. Nevadaand the California desert are exceptions, and headwinds change everything. Thepoint is, if your Cub tank holds 12 gallons, you may want to do a fuel flowtest the way Tony Bingelis describes it, and do your flight planning accordingly.--------Oscar ZunigaMedford, ORAir Camper NX41CC "Scout"A75 powerRead this topic online here: ... ___Subject: Pietenpol-List: Change of e mail address