Small Continental Oil Relief Valve tool

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tom kreiner
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Small Continental Oil Relief Valve tool

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Lots of Piet builders are using the small Continental, from A-65 thru O-200, and might have had an issue with low oil pressure, so I made this tool to clean up the Pressure Relief Valve Seat.

The tool is made from an old Oil Pressure Relief Valve Cap, P/N 21113. The Cap is carefully bored completely through on a lathe. After boring, an old Sharpie is pushed thru, and then the Pressure Relief Valve is pressed onto the Sharpie.
Oil Plug Tool 1.jpg
One installed like this, the Sharpie allows the user to rotate the Valve. To use, apply a slight amount of lapping compound on the face of the Valve, apply very light force - i.e., just touch - to the seat, and rotate back & forth thru 90°, then lift off the seat & rotate 60°, and continue. Do this several times till the entire seat is cleaned up all around.

The face of the Valve is the angled face, shown in pic #2.
Oil Plug Tool 2.jpg
This cleanup should only be done with the Accessory Case off the engine, and must be cleaned up THOROUGHLY afterward to ensure all grinding particles are removed from the engine.

Since there are several other issues with the Small Continental Oil system, this might not work, but, if you have low oil pressure, and you have the accessory case off of the engine, cleaning up the seat can only make things better.

Hope this helps someone out there...
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