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Message received at Pietenpol HQ today....

I'm trying to get some information about Pietenpole gussets. Do the gussets in the Pietenpole aircamper plans need to be a specific measurement or can they be as close to the pictures on the plans as possible? I can't find any information on the plans about measurements or anywhere on wood aircraft building that discusses this topic. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Gussets

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In my opinion, if no dimensions are given for gussets in a specific location (or in general), then "close enough is good enough" and an eyeball estimate will work when it comes to constructing this airplane. And recognize that there are variations on the same theme. For example, some builders have cut plywood circles or semicircles to use as their gussets rather than rectangular pieces. The objective of having the gussets is to restrain the structural framing elements to keep them in place, and to shift the load stresses away from the glue joint where those elements meet.

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Clay Hammond
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Re: Gussets

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Look at any wood wing built in the 20's. Waco, Travel Air, Spartan, Laird, Ryan, Great Lakes...etc. Your answer will be apparent.

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