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is a task. Building from 8 sheets is astonishing.> Pietenpol-Lis

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:33 pm
by matronics
Original Posted By: "KMHeide, BA, CPO, FAAOP"
Man... I bought mine but I have a lot of respect for you guys that build these things. You are better men than I. Building any aircraft (and I have) is a task. Building from 8 sheets is astonishing.> Subject: Pietenpol-Lis-List message posted by: "Bill Church" > > Kevin=2C> You say you are researching for your next project. If you (or anyone else) are considering buying Grega GN-1 plans=2C I think you might be out of luck=2C as the GN-1 plans have not been offered for sale for over a year.> > The plans offered for sale by the Pietenpol family are not plans for a "Modern Pietenpol". They sell plans for the original 1933 Ford Model A powered "Improved Air Camper"=2C as designed by Bernard Pietenpol=2C and drawn by a teen-aged Orrin Hoopman (I think 8 sheets 24" x 36"). Also available from the Pietenpol family are the supplementary plans=2C which include the necessary information and drawings if you intend to power your project with a small Continental or a Corvair engine=2C instead of the Ford Model A (I think this is 6 sheets 24" x 36"). There is also a drawing available with details on how to build the three-piece wing - as opposed to the one-piece original wing design (1 sheet 24" x 36").> > Not clear as to what else you are unsure about. > > Bill C.> > > > > Read this topic online here:> > http://for==============> > > _________________________________________________________________Windows Live Hotmail now works up to 70% faster. ... ______Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 19:54:36 -0800 (PST)