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Pietenpol-List: Re, progress (October 2015) a few details & T.L.A.R.

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:47 pm
by matronics
Original Posted By: "JERRY"
Thanks to all for the encouragement and helpful ideas and details from this forum and West Coast Piet and others.This project is located in my too small garage and hangar at Albany, Oregon- S12.All welcome.Empty weight as in the photo of Oct 2015 with ballast included to simulate fabric and paint etc. is 680 lb. Will be interesting to see actual when complete.The engine is an O-290 Lyc modified with dual mag accessory case and sump for a MA-3 carb etc. Agreed, excessive cubic inches, but challenged to keep the cost down, I couldn't pass.The prop is an IVO and another deal.The gear is Matco wheels,axles,brakes and 6x6 tubeless.The push pull tube control system with rod end bearings is most like posted by another on this site.The fuselage to engine support incorporates the forward attach for the diagonal to the center section. I installed a rudder bar under the rear seat. Works well.The front seat harness support is from the plans posted from a British Piet site.Onward,and accepting critiques & suggestions. Bill MasonDQoNCg0KDQoNCg0KQmlsbA0KDQo________________________________________________________________________________