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Pietenpol For Sale

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:55 pm
by Pat Weeden
2010 Pietenpol Air Camper For Sale. $15,000. Comfortable 26” wide fuselage with Continental C-85 engine. Sky-tech lightweight starter. New wiring harness. Metal 71-46 propeller. Cleveland wheels and hydraulic brakes. New tires and tubes. 20-gallon fuel tank in center section. Magneto, hand-held radio, wing lights, new paint job, plans. Rebuilt after tornado damage; cowling need to be re-attached. T.T. 110; eng. time 500. Great plane, lovingly handbuilt. Selling because of lost medical. Located in LaGrange GA. Contact Gardiner Mason. Tel. 404.367.9453. email: