First Attempt at Covering == FAIL

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First Attempt at Covering == FAIL

Post by r1200gsDave »

I am not surprised, not in the least. Nothing that I have done on this project has been successful on the first go.

So the covering oft the empennage was no different. And exactly how have gotten in over my head in the past..... Just keep swimming...

So I learned a lot about the covering process and I _think_ I can do better on the next attempt. But my fundamental question to all that know....

Should the nuts in the empennage hinges be nut plates? Or is there some way to get the covering under the hinges automagicallly painted?

Next question... And I did read the FAQ...

Does the Click Bond nut plate stick to wood.....

Oh and is it ever tough to pull off the fabric and rub off the glue of Stewart Systems. Hand cramps from just the fin, the stabilizer is going to be a bizatch.
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