Robert “Bob” Whittier Obituary

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Robert “Bob” Whittier Obituary

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Received via e-mail....

Pietenpol friends :

I am writing to inform you of the sad news of the passing of my father, Robert “Bob” Whittier. His obituary is attached. (linked below. ed.)

I am not sure whether my father was a member of your organization, but if he was not an official member he was certainly a member in spirit.

In 2002 or 2003 he took my family and I to the Brodhead fly-in where my boys were given Young Eagles rides by the late Bill Rewey in his C-65 powered Piet. I was saddened earlier this year to learn of Bill’s passing. I forwarded the article to my sons, now grown.

I am copying my sister, Jenney Whittier, on this. If you need information about Bob beyond what is in the obituary please contact either one of us.

Best regards,
John Whittier
EAA 697288
St. Louis, MO ... tuary.html
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