Repair of holes in wood with dowels?

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Erik (Woody) Woodson
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Repair of holes in wood with dowels?

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Issue: considering moving elevator walking beam up to avoid control cables rubbing on horiz. stab.

Concern: Walking beam is already bolted in and I would need to drill new holes in fuselage vertical members and repair the old holes with hardwood dowels and epoxy.

My question is; Where is it written that this is an acceptable repair method for old bolt holes in structural members? I know this is the accepted method but looking for a source to answer questions such as how many repairs within what distance of each other is ok? What diameter hole is acceptable to repair in this manner based on the thickness of the material? Etc.

I've searched AC 43.13, all of the Bingeles books I own, 1940 edition of Aircraft Maintenance for the Airplane Mechanic (must have for wooden AC repair), EAA builder's vids, this forum and several other builders forums with no success.

Does anyone know where this practice is mentioned as good to go? I anticipate a few answers such as "why ask why?" "Its fine" and "Its experimental do your thing" but I really am just searching for the source and anything helps Thanks.
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