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Selected back issues of the Brodhead Pietenpol Association newsletter are available here for download. Not all issues are posted here but more may become available in the future.

1975 – Second Quarter
First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter

1977 – First Quarter

October, 2000


First Quarter
New Editor – John Hofmann
Gone West – Don Pietenpol
Brodhead to Oshkosh 2013 – Greg Cardinal
Tapered-Shaft Hub Installation/Removal Tool – Mike Perez
Building My Turtledeck – Dave Waller
Ski Flying with Don Emch
My Air Camper – John Hofmann
Shop Notes
Notes from Members
Control Cable Recommendations

Second Quarter
From the Editor – John Hofmann
Removing and Installing a Prop on a Continental Tapered Shaft Engine – Bob Gehring and Steve Krog
Gene Rambo’s NX898H
Hello Again – Doc and Dee Mosher
Open Hangars – Ken Bickers
The Air Camper Cooperative – Doc Mosher
Youngest Builder with a Running Corvair – William Wynne
85th Anniversary and AirVenture

Third Quarter
Brodhead 2014 Recap – Rob Busch
Brodhead 2015 – John Hofmann
“Aircamping” 101 – Douwe Blumberg
Chapter 10. “Why Build?” – Ken Bickers
Vi Kapler – Gone West
Centerspread – Two Pietenpols
Sensenich Service Bulletin
My Restoration of a 1920s Airway Beacon – Harvey Hartman

Fourth Quarter
J2s and Trees Don’t Play Well Together – Steve Krog
Wood Landing Gear “Ups and Downs” – Frank Pavliga
Have You Thought About Maintaining Your Pietenpol? – Jack Phillips
My Restoration of a 1920s Airway Beacon – Harvey Hartman – Part Two


Third Quarter
A Brodhead Odyssey – Douwe Blumberg
How Bernard Built Some Wing Spars – Vi Kapler
An Interesting BPA Member – Dee Mosher
Tattered Wing Tips – Doc Mosher
Your Own Angle of Attack Indicator for Less than $50
Siren Song of the Air Camper – Oscar Zuniga
Piet Pix
Shop Notes
Notes from Members