2019 Weight & Balance Manual $20 + shipping

 by William Wynne – With the assistance of a number of people from the Pietenpol community, We now have all of the original weight and balance studies compiled into a single volume. This is not just a reprint of those original articles. Those have been available for several years. In this 2019 Weight and Balance Manual, the information has been brought up to date with new articles, explanations, photos, and real world examples. It is 60 pages of very good data. Proceeds benefit the Brodhead Pietenpol Association.

If you prefer to mail a check, send $24.00 to:

Brodhead Pietenpol Association
P.O. Box 304
Brodhead, WI  53520



BPA Decal

3″ x 5″ screen printed with the BPA logo in red and black. Peel-off backing to expose adhesive.